Dear customers,

It has been a pleasure to service you all for the past 2.5 years. Honey Tang was able to establish its strong brand within the Docklands community and its success is solely based on your ongoing support. Nothing gives me and our staff more joy than providing the best dumplings to our customers. More importantly, we will not forget those familiar faces (regulars) who have been supporting us right from the start. As a small business, it is never easy to start a business from the scratch, every step was hard work. However, all of it was worth the time and effort when we see a smile on our customers.

Due to the recent coronavirus issues, our small establishment has suffered greatly. Sales have been impacted since early this year and escalated quickly as more and more social distancing restrictions come into our lives. During the first few weeks of the virus outbreak, we had to spend a lot of time taking care of our staff and to address their immediate concerns. We were also overwhelmed with various decisions that we had to make quickly. Then there were nights that some of us found ourselves in tears because of seeing people lining up at Centrelink, medical staff on the front line fighting this battle for us, different families adjusting to this new world, plus similar challenges other people are facing outside of Australia etc. That also turned into many sleepless nights for us thinking how can do better in this environment.

Then one day, the light bulb moment came to me as we revisited Honey Tang’s core values - Happy Customer / Happy Staff / Social Responsibility / Good Food. We came to realise that we may not be able to fix the broader issue as a whole, but at the very least, we can focus on the things within our control and give it our best. Our pledge to the society and we are committed to stand by our community:

  • For every main meal “item” we sell, we will organise a free meal for a person in need. Remember the free coffee program? Similar but we are going to make it bigger and better. That means more people can benefit and reach further with technology and other charity partners.

  • HT will treat any person with equality & fairness and this means the term “people in need” is defined loosely. In simple term, less bureaucracy and more people can claim. It will also be based on number for main meal items we sell, rather than “per order” - this is to ensure we are able to help and contribute to a larger group in the community.

  • Our plan is to partner with third party charity organisations, so free meals can reach a larger group and beyond.

  • To show our commitment fighting this battle alongside with Australia, we've made a commitment to turn Honey Tang’s into non-profit mode during this impacted period. This means money we get will be going back to the economy. E.g. Employing people for this new delivery needs, helping our suppliers by ordering more, keeping existing staff, helping out others who missed out from the government benefits by giving them a chance to be reemployed etc.

How can you help?

  • Download the Wix App from iOS or Andriod, so can we notify you the progress on this.

  • The Wix App also makes shopping with us easier. We will continue to introduce new features within the app. Follow us :)

  • You can also help by sharing this news to your friends and family.

  • Let us know any groups of people in need and can be benefited by this initiative.

  • Donation is my least preferred method as it is not in my nature to ask for free money. But decided to offer it based on feedback.

  • Improvement / Ideas / Feedback? You can engage us through the Wix App.

How you could support us...
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Frozen Dumplings

Allowing our customers to order online at home and to enjoy good meal whenever whereever. 

Prepaid Coupon

Order our prepaid meal coupon package.

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Your support can help us to implement this initiative quicker.

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Stay Connected

Join the Wix App and stay connected with us. You can order online and keep track on the number of people we are helping.

More importantly, this tool is interactive, allowing us to share ideas and help achieving this goal together quickly.