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What is "Feel Good Mon & Tue"?

On a monthly basis, Honey Tang's will contribute 5% of our Monday & Tuesday sales to a selected charity organisation voted by our customers. 

This is our way of saying thank you and helping this world to be a better place.

How to participate?

To participate in our "Feel Good Mon & Tue" is easy, simply provide your vote in the form and we will donate our committed sales to the charity with the most votes.

What more can I do to help?
Awareness is important to all charity organisations. You can help by sharing this link - honeytangs.com.au/charity and promote this voting. It's simple maths - more vote = more awareness!
If you have other charity organisations that you would like us to consider. Please contact us directly.

If you want to help this society more, you can simply click the donate button below and contribute the additional amount you would like to donate. Or alternatively, you can go to the charity unit to make your donations. 

1. R U OK?

Christian believes that many people have experienced extremely tough moments in their lives. However, some did not have other people to open up to and kept all the weight on themselves. Therefore Christian selected R U OK? to promote better awareness on people who are struggling.

R U OK? helps other by inspiring and empowering everyone to meaningfully connect with people around them and support anyone struggling with life.

2. National Heart Foundation of Australia

The Heart Foundation is a charity dedicated to fighting the single biggest killer of Australians – heart disease. For over 50 years, they have led the battle to save lives and improve the heart health of all Australians.

3 Big Umbrella Foundation

As an NGO based in Australia, The Big Umbrella Foundation works locally and abroad to address issues impacting on marginalised people, including those affected by human rights abuses, exploitation, forced labour and homelessness.